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Discover the top 24 best AI search engine tools of 2023, expertly reviewed for unrivaled performance and efficiency. Find the perfect AI-powered search solution to enhance your online experiences, streamline research, and access accurate information with ease. Stay ahead in the digital age with these cutting-edge search engine tools optimized for precision and speed.


In today’s fast-paced digital world, the demand for efficient search engine tools powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) is on the rise. People with a special interest in using AI tools as search engines seek to complete their tasks effortlessly and access accurate information with ease. This blog explores the top 24 AI search engine tools available in 2023, reviewed for their unique capabilities and features. Before diving into the list, let’s address some common questions asked by individuals keen on leveraging AI as their go-to search solution.

Why Choose AI-Powered Search Engine Tools?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has revolutionized the way we interact with technology, and search engines are no exception. AI-powered search engine tools offer numerous advantages that set them apart from traditional search engines. AI brings advanced capabilities to search engines, enabling them to understand natural language, context, and user intent better. This leads to more accurate and relevant search results, enhancing the overall search experience.

AI algorithms analyze vast amounts of data and user behavior, enabling search engines to deliver highly personalized and relevant results. AI learns from user interactions, continuously improving the accuracy of search results based on individual preferences. AI-powered search engines can quickly sift through enormous volumes of information to find the most relevant answers to users’ queries. This efficiency saves time and effort, streamlining the research process.

Is AI-powered search secure and private?

AI-powered search engines often prioritize user privacy. They implement robust data protection measures and ensure that user data is not shared with third parties. AI search engines typically offer ad-free search experiences, reducing distractions and enhancing user focus. Additionally, they may not use tracking mechanisms to collect user data, preserving anonymity. AI search engines employ encryption and other security measures to safeguard user data. By prioritizing data protection, they assure users of their commitment to maintaining confidentiality and anonymity.

How can AI search engines benefit businesses and professionals?

AI search engines cater to the specific needs of professionals, allowing them to find relevant information more efficiently. For instance, researchers can access academic papers, doctors can discover medical studies, and legal professionals can access relevant case law. AI-powered search engines designed for workplaces enable teams to search and organize information across various cloud-based applications. This enhances collaboration and productivity by facilitating quick access to critical data and documents.

AI search engines save professionals time and effort by providing faster and more accurate search results. This increased productivity allows professionals to focus on core tasks, fostering better decision-making and knowledge discovery.

Top 24 Best AI Search Engine Tools Available online in 2023

1. Tethered AI

Tethered AI is a search tool powered by OpenAI’s GPT-3 technology. It offers a seamless experience for users looking to search the web while simultaneously taking notes within the same interface. This unique integration streamlines the process of online research, eliminating the need to switch between different platforms. Developed by Marvin Tunji-ola, Tethered AI provides a limited free version with up to 10 searches per month. For more extensive usage, users can opt for the “Pro Wait-list” service, presumably offering unlimited search capabilities for a fee. While exact pricing details are not provided, Tethered AI requires JavaScript to run and may require additional downloads or plug-ins.

2. AlphaResearch

AlphaResearch is a comprehensive AI-powered research platform catering to both individual and institutional investors. The platform harnesses Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques to extract valuable insights from millions of global documents, filings, transcripts, and reports. It offers a powerful search engine, enabling users to quickly find precise insights while accessing institutional-grade fundamental data, market data, news, and analyst estimates. AlphaResearch also includes features such as document alerts, filing screeners, sentiment analysis, data visualization, and more.

3. Phind

Phind is an AI search engine designed for developers, offering customizable search options and allowing users to set it as their default search tool. The platform employs AI to provide related topics and suggestions through its “Explore” feature. Additionally, it offers a “Surprise Me” feature that randomly selects topics for users to explore, making it a valuable resource for developers seeking quick and efficient information on various topics.

4. Fabric Internet OS

Fabric Internet OS is a personal search engine and collaborative internet library, serving as a centralized hub for users to aggregate their files, notes, docs, bookmarks, and internet content. This tool is ideal for busy makers and thinkers, enabling users to quickly search for specific information across all their files and connected apps using a single search bar. Fabric Internet OS facilitates effortless content search and organization, optimizing productivity and knowledge management.

5. CrowdView

CrowdView is an AI-powered search engine designed to help users find relevant information from public domain discussions. This tool allows users to efficiently search through hundreds of discussions and filter results to locate the most pertinent information. CrowdView’s comprehensive list of topics covers a wide range of interests, enabling users to quickly find valuable insights and answers to their queries.

6. Yoursearch.ai

Yoursearch.ai is an AI-powered search engine that provides personalized and relevant search results. Accessible through a WebApp or messenger, this platform offers an efficient way of conducting internet research. Yoursearch.ai claims to deliver better search results compared to popular search engines like Google, Ecosia, or Bing, all without displaying any advertisements. Users can even share summarized and relevant search results with family and friends, enhancing the experience of knowledge sharing.

7. Instantaisearch

Instantaisearch serves as a platform to discover the best AI tools for various use cases. It functions as an AI search engine, enabling users to find AI tools tailored to specific needs, such as customer service, education, research, content creation, image and video generation, legal assistance, and more. Users can also join the platform’s newsletter for daily updates on new AI tools and updates across different categories.

8. Metaphor

Metaphor is an AI search engine that stands out with its ability to understand language in a more expressive and creative way than traditional web search engines. Users can input a “prompt,” similar to a GPT-3 prompt, and Metaphor will predict the link that is most likely to follow. This unique feature allows users to receive various types of results, such as blog posts, Wikipedia pages, directories of resources, demos, startups, books, papers, and more.

9. AI Search VIP

AI Search VIP is an AI-powered search engine that ensures high-quality search results by filtering out ad-ridden, low-quality, and SEO-heavy websites. The platform uses AI and live data to inspect and filter all search results. Even the titles and summaries of the results are generated by AI based on their content, rather than catering to website owners’ preferences. AI Search VIP offers a free plan that effectively filters out low-quality results, ads, and SEO junk.


GPTGO is a free search engine platform that combines Google’s search technology with ChatGPT’s artificial intelligence capabilities. Users can search for information in multiple languages and receive both traditional search results from Google and creative responses from ChatGPT. With unlimited ChatGPT access, users can enjoy fast search response times and a plethora of AI-generated results.

11. HotBot

HotBot is an AI-powered search engine designed to help users find information on the web quickly and efficiently. It offers a smarter search engine that considers user preferences and browsing history, enabling them to discover the world effortlessly. Additionally, HotBot provides a dedicated VPN service, comprehensive privacy and cookie policies, and a user-friendly support system to ensure a secure and reliable search experience.

12. Grep Help

Grep Help presents a new and innovative approach to personalized search engine results. This tool allows users to follow a minimum of 7 websites they like, creating a 4-degree connection network based on the websites they follow and the websites linked to them, and so on. If the minimum website requirement of 70,000 websites is not met, the network expands up to 7 degrees of connection. Grep Help ensures users receive only high-quality and reliable information from trusted sources, despite the saturation of SEO or AI-generated content.

13. Pinbot

Pinbot is a browser extension for Chrome that leverages AI to help users privately search their browser history. This unique search tool can find matches even when users do not use exact words, ensuring accurate search results. To protect user privacy, Pinbot works offline, with all operations running on the user’s device. The creator, Kamil, aims to make AI developments accessible to everyone without compromising privacy.

14. IAsk.AI

IAsk.AI is a free AI search engine that uses NLP technology with a large-scale Transformer language-based model to provide factual and accurate answers to user queries. Unlike other AI tools, IAsk.AI does not store individual searches, offering instant and real-time feedback. Users can ask questions using natural language and receive specific answers, making it a valuable alternative to traditional AI tools.

15. ConsumerAI

ConsumerAI is a powerful AI-driven platform that offers tailored solutions to customers’ financial problems. Users can state their financial challenges, and ConsumerAI will provide appropriate products and services that can help address those problems. Using state-of-the-art AI algorithms, the platform searches through a vast database of products and services, including offerings from DeepRose 2022-2023. ConsumerAI is user-friendly, requiring no prior knowledge or experience, and aims to save customers time by providing the best product or service solutions for their financial needs.

16. You.com

You.com is a search engine focused on providing a personalized experience while ensuring complete user privacy. The search engine is powered by artificial intelligence and offers a multi-dimensional interface with horizontal and vertical scrolling, enabling users to discover more content in less time. You.com allows users to personalize their search experience by integrating with 150+ apps, including popular sources like Amazon, Twitter, and StackOverflow. The platform features various tools, including YouChat, which enables users to chat with the search engine and get quick answers to their queries.

17. Gerev.ai

Gerev.ai is an AI search engine tool designed for workplaces, specifically catering to users searching their entire company’s data from a single platform. Equipped with context, text, code, and relationship understanding, Gerev.ai excels at retrieving scattered knowledge across an organization. Though targeted at developers, this tool can be used to find colleagues, important documents, or any relevant information needed for smooth operations within the workplace.

18. Opera One

Opera One is a newly redesigned flagship browser with an integrated native browser AI called Aria, making it the first browser of its kind. Users can access Aria through a new command line or the browser sidebar, providing free access to OpenAI’s GPT-based solution and up-to-date information from the web. Developed in collaboration with OpenAI, Aria has in-depth knowledge of Opera’s support documentation and can answer users’ questions using the company’s current product knowledge.

19. Chord.ooo

Chord.ooo is an AI-driven tool that provides organic recommendations for various topics such as podcasts, fonts, hiking trails, and more. Users can quickly find relevant information and recommendations based on their queries. The platform allows for community contributions, enabling users to post questions and receive answers, ensuring that search results are accurate and up-to-date. Additionally, Chord.ooo compiles organic discussions from the web and summarizes them into shareable articles, enhancing the sharing of knowledge and insights.

20. NoowAI: Assistant

NoowAI: Assistant is an online AI tool that offers chatbot services to answer questions and provide free assistance for various tasks. Users can type or speak their queries and receive real-time AI-generated responses. The platform claims to assist with a wide range of tasks and covers various topics, making it suitable for diverse users. NoowAI: Assistant prioritizes user privacy, providing clear information about data use and security on the website.

21. NeevaAI

NeevaAI is an ad-free, private search engine created by former Google executives. It offers real search results without any ads or affiliate links, ensuring a secure and private search experience. The search engine is available on all devices, including browser extensions for major browsers and mobile apps for iOS and Android. NeevaAI provides two plans for members, a free basic membership with full features and a paid premium membership offering additional benefits and features.

22. Hexagons Search Engine

Hexagons Search Engine aims to expand the accessibility of high-quality knowledge bases to professionals, including doctors, lawyers, researchers, and inquisitive individuals. The search engine offers a threaded search, enabling users to follow connected topics and access information from various sources like Wikipedia, major news outlets, PubMed, medical textbooks, SEC filings, research paper databases, and more. Hexagons Search Engine allows users to ask complex questions and discover specific information tailored to their needs.

23. Zevi AI

Zevi AI is an AI-powered site search and discovery platform, catering to enterprises and Shopify users. The platform uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to understand user queries and provide accurate, relevant results. It features spell check, typo tolerance, synonyms, related keywords, and automated suggestions based on user signals. Zevi AI also supports multilingual and vernacular search, ensuring users can search in their most natural way while enjoying secure and scalable search capabilities.

24. Klu

Klu is an AI-powered internal search engine designed to help teams quickly locate information across various cloud-based applications. With a focus on user-friendly search and organization of data and documents, Klu employs Natural Language Processing (NLP) and machine learning to scan and search through files, messages, and conversations. This ensures that teams can collaborate seamlessly and improve productivity by finding relevant information faster.

Each of these 24 AI search engine tools offers unique capabilities and features, catering to diverse user needs and preferences. From streamlined research and accurate results to enhanced privacy and user-friendly interfaces, these AI tools are set to redefine the way we interact with the digital world.

AI-powered search engine tools offer significant advantages over traditional search engines. With their ability to provide personalized and relevant results, enhance privacy, and streamline research processes, AI-powered search engines are transforming the way we access and utilize information. For businesses and professionals, these tools offer tailored solutions, boost collaboration, and improve overall productivity. Embracing AI-powered search engines is a step towards a more efficient and effective online search experience.

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